Friday, May 25, 2007

Of things that fly

Well, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Not yet anyway. This is what I've been up to:
1. Back to work and now working 4 days whilst my colleague is on maternity leave. Puts a large dent in 'free' time.
2. SP has started drama classes this term. The school is part of the stage challenge. Being 'able' to sew means I am making all sorts of weird and wonderful things. The working bee last Saturday was fun, and rather productive. I was amazed at all the people who turned up!
3. Board of Trustees stuff. Did I say I am now a member of our local schools BOT? In fact I am chair (still not sure how that happened). There is quite a bit of reading to do, and lots of learning about lots of things.
4. Our wee m has become a human destructo. Seriously. He burned his hand last weekend after picking up a blow torch (don't ask). He knows what he wants but doesn't yet have the verbal skills to tell us what he wants. Frustrating all around. The coolest thing though......when I sing to him, he dances!
5. Making stuff for friends children that I keep forgetting to photograph.
6. Having to take my lovely overlocker to the repair man because the #$%*&@@ thing won't work properly (most likely a user fault Im sure).
7. Getting a new sewing machine. Yes, you heard me correctly, a NEW SEWING MACHINE! Actually, not brand new, but new to me. I am in love. It has a walking foot, and lots of other stuff I still need to figure out. It is a Bernina Quilters Edition. It still has 5 years on the warranty. It makes sewing even more blissful.
8. Selling my old faithful Bernina 830. I still feel sad about that. However I can't afford to have 2 machines. And it does seem somewhat excessive. I lovingly sent it away to a very nice older lady who does lots of commission sewing, and it is going to be her 'back up' machine. I am sure she will look after it much better than I ever did. Still feel sad though.
9. Spending a bit more time with my lovely husband (who is in the throes of organising a PTA fundraiser - does this make us mad or very involved parents?).
10. Enjoying the last of the lovely weather that is unseasonally warm considering it is almost June!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fun in the garden

Oh the jobs that have to be done. Don't you think that in a few years there is going to be stiff competition for the ride on? Already is! This kept them busy for quite some time (sans keys of course).

Recovery going slowly. Alas I am incredibly impatient, making the prospect of sitting around doing next to nothing rather boring. Still, I could try to do something creative perhaps?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Things to be thankful for

1. An amazing husband and children, whose support I could not manage without.

2. A fab Mum who came and stayed last week for a couple of days to give me some needed TLC. Thanks heaps Mum.

3. A pretty good health system which has served me well again. I am now gall bladder-less, thankfully. Im recuperating frustratingly slowly, trying to be patient.

4. Supportive friends who have cooked meals, called in, and generally made me feel loved and cherished. Thankyou.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I've been sewing...

Here is some evidence I have not been idle over the past.........well, lets just look at the photos shall we?

Two bags for small friends (whose names both begin with 'J', the second a better version as it is fully lined), plus the greetings cards I have been whipping up to go with the parcels.

Monday, April 09, 2007

What an amazing parcel

The postie delivered the most amazing parcel a couple of weeks ago, from Amanda of soulemama. Both boys received fabulous bags filled with great things. And I received a cute bag with some gorgeous fabric inside. Thank you Amanda! It arrived in the midst of the worst flooding Northland has seen for about 150 years. We were stranded at home for a day, SP was sent home from school early (interesting getting him home), and everything was very wet. There has been really significant damage for a lot of farmers and home owners. We were very fortunate not to have any major damage. Just very wet feet for the cows. And very wet grass. So the parcel really cheered our spirits. Thanks.

Look who came for Easter

These little finger puppets were created from an inspired thought on Good Friday. Saturday the little people and I went shopping for felt, and voila! two new friends in our house.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I can drive a train...

Our local park has a groovy miniature train track, and a diesel 'standard' sized train track going through the bush. Every so often the train club run the trains, and for a small fee you can go riding. SP asked the driver of the larger train if he could ride in the cab with him. His request was met with enthusiasm, and so of course the mama had to go too. We were the only ones on the the lovely man let SP drive. YES, my 5 year old son drove the train. He thought it was so very fantastic (as did I). He took the responsibility very seriously, telling me off when I got in his line of sight. Me, I was just interested in getting it caught on film (well, the digital camera. Not so much film as, ummm, whatever the camera saves on to).

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm a big boy!

Mmmm, Daddy's berry smoothie!
Wee m is growing seemingly before my very eyes. He has in the last week decided he can drink from a cup, climb into his high chair independently (and out again), jump up and down in his cot, gnaw large chunks from the top of his cot and throw them onto the carpet, run, walk backwards, and sign back to us (payback for the months we have been waiting sceptical that he was ever going to cotton on!). My baby is most definitely a BOY now.

On the creativity front, I am having a go at making some button jewelery. I was given a large tin of buttons last week and feel obliged to do something pretty with them. Also, I found a gorgeous tea towel (yes, tea towel) in a funky shop and immediately envisaged it as a bag. Have purchased suitable lining and handle fabric and it awaits my scissors (I am feeling somewhat nervous about it, hence no progress!).